Our Services

Climate Change Adaptation

Climate Planning provide independent assessments of an organisation’s climate change adaptation governance using a nationally recognised tool developed by Informed.CityTM. Our experts can develop sub-national and national climate change adaptation policies which help you identify problem areas, and prioritise and cost adaptation activities.

Our team also create relevant and effective climate change adaptation plans and strategies which will help you shape your approach to mainstreaming adaptation. This includes evaluating the effectiveness of adaptation projects, providing peer reviews, and helping develop key performance indicators or monitoring and evaluation protocols.

Carbon Risk

Our team provide advisory services associated with carbon as a corporate risk and help our clients identify how and when to shift to a net zero operation. Climate Planning can also assess an organisation’s climate change mitigation governance using the Informed.CityTM tool. 

Climate Risk Disclosure

We help organisations frame their climate change risk disclosure. We align and build on the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) requirements to ensure that internal and external disclosure is fit-for-purpose.

Climate Risk Quantification

Climate Planning undertake risk assessments for climate change for specific areas or whole of organisations. We also help you explore the potential cascading risks that climate change presents in an organisation’s supply chain – from primary resources through to network analysis.

Our analysts can map the assets of an organisation which are exposed to climate-related hazards. We also calculate the financial value of assets at risk.

Climate Change Scenarios

Climate Planning can create a range of climate change scenarios to help your organisation understand their current climate risks. Our Climate Risk Impact Storylines (CRIS) introduce a wealth of defendable physical and transition risk information for you to stress-test your corporate strategy.

Presentations & Training

Climate Planning can help your staff to be well-equipped to better understand and respond to the effects of climate change. We assist in developing peer-to-peer learning for climate change adaptation governance. Our services include workshop creation and facilitation, guidelines, templates, training and expert speakers. Our experts can also provide presentations to organisational boards and elected members.