About Us

Shifting Times

Climate Planning was established in 2007. Our founder Donovan Burton realised that little was being done by governments and corporations to respond to the potential impacts of climate change. Since then Climate Planning has evolved into an international award-winning organisation that has undertaken over 250 climate change adaptation projects throughout the Asia-Pacific Region.

Our Mission


To influence decision-making about climate change in all levels of government and the wider community.
Our vision

Bringing it all to together

Climate Planning aims to provide organisations with the data and insights to mainstream decision-making under a changing climate.

National award

Winners of the Climate Adaptation Champions Award 2017-18

In 2018 Climate Planning was recognised by the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) as an ‘Adaptation Champion’. The award was for the development of the Informed.CityTM climate change adaptation governance tool which has been used to gain insights for over 400 organisations.

Our expert team

We are a highly skilled team of climate change experts with experience in identifying exposure to assets, disclosing climate risks, identifying opportunities and assessing climate change adaptation governance.
A portrait photo of Donovan Burton

Donovan Burton

Climate Change Adaptation Specialist

Donovan Burton heads the Climate Planning team and is a leading climate change adaptation planner. Over the past 15 years Donovan has helped numerous organisations identify risks and opportunities associated with climate change.

A portrait photo of Chloe Portanger

Chloe Portanger

Information Analytics Specialist

Chloe Portanger is an Associate of Climate Planning and plays a key advisory role. Chloe now works for Informed.City  as a senior Information Analytics Specialist. This means she explores the relationships between data and climate change risks and adaptation governance. Chloe has considerable expertise in managing and interpreting data to support informed-decision making.

A portrait photo of Ian Edwards

Ian Edwards

Senior Associate

Ian Edwards specialises in the socio-economic and financial implications of climate change adaptation. He is a chartered accountant with twenty years experience in national and international financial services. Ian has worked across a broad spectrum of the financial industry including public practice, investment banking and reinsurance.

A portrait photo of Peter Best

Adjunct Professor Peter Best

Senior Associate

Peter Best is the Director of Cindual Pty Ltd and an associate of Climate Planning. His career has focussed on evaluating the impacts of extreme events. This includes air pollution episodes, heatwave impacts on energy demand generation and distribution, influences of climate variability on extreme events, and forecasting of imminent risks.

Our clients

We have given strategic advice to State and local governments, property developers, infrastructure and insurance providers, law firms, and research institutions.